Cancelled - Studio Visit With Phoebe Knapp

June 3

The Contemporary Collectors Circle is back!  This acquisition event will feature Billings artist Phoebe Knapp. Knapp had a solo Art Park exhibition in 2018 titled Rough Cuts with an accompanying catalog which was much celebrated.

Recently, a private donor has come forward to match CCC acquisition funds to purchase a piece by Knapp. On Wednesday, June 3 at 6 PM MDT, Knapp will lead us in a discussion of her work as part of a virtual studio visit. After visiting with her, she will gracefully bow out while the committee deliberates about one of three works: Colliding Black Holes, Arrow of Time, or Excavate. We hope you can join us!

Membership dues to the CCC are only $100 in addition to your current museum membership. These funds are used directly for the acquisition of exciting pieces of contemporary art to expand and deepen MAM’s collection. Your membership to the CCC also allows MAM to connect directly to artists, lead visits to fantastic artist’s studios and private collections, and grow MAM’s Collection. Please contact Madeleine Ford, development officer, to check the status of your CCC membership and receive the link to the Zoom event.

This event has been cancelled, we apologize for the inconvience!

<p>Phoebe Knapp with <span class="italic">Beastie Boys</span> in the Art Park, 2018.</p>

Phoebe Knapp with Beastie Boys in the Art Park, 2018.