Photo: Anne Appleby, River, 2013, oil on canvas, 60 x 215 inches, courtesy and copyright of the artist.

Anne Appleby: Hymn For The Mother

August 6 2021 - December 20 2021

Observing and responding to her the forest surrounding her home and studio outside of Jefferson City, Montana, artist Anne Appleby distills her perceptions of natural elements as they perpetually alter throughout their life cycles. In this new series of works, Appleby addresses the collective angst we are experiencing, consciously or not, regarding the rapidly changing climate. Through a subtle approach employing various mediums and imagery, the exhibition examines the romantic ideas we hold culturally in relation to the reality and effects of a warming planet. Appleby states “I have spent the last twenty-three years painting the landscape of my Montana home, in a reductive language observing the cyclical nature of trees and plants. I use this language in the exhibition but also explore a traditional style of romantic landscape painting.”