14 Billions (Working Title)

14 BILLIONS (WORKING TITLE) by Sara Arrhenius

Copyright 2011

14 Billions (Working Title) is one of several works arising from the artist’s deep interest in the spider web. For the large-scale spatial installation, Saraceno developed a new method for creating a three-dimensional scan of the web of a black widow spider (Latrodectus mactans). This method combines Laser Supported Tomography with Photogrammetric analysis to produce a digital reconstruction of a complex three-dimensional spider web – a task previously impossible due to limitations of existing techniques. From this scan and 3D data, the artist reconstructed a 16.7:1 scale Black Widow web using 8000 lengths of nylon rope connected by over 23,000 individually tied knots, and spanning 400 cubic meters. This work was exhibited at Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm, and at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art in 2010.

This work seeks to explore the correspondences between the spider web and the cosmic web: disturbing and transgressing notions of scale, and speculating upon parallels in the organization of organic and inorganic structures.

Price: $75