Reba: The Cat With Egyptian Beginnings

This children's book, written and illustrated by Joan Christensen, follows Reba the cat as she adventures through a museum.

"Joan Christensen (1925-2011), a Montana native, was a gifted and multi-talented woman. She loved journalism and art, and at age 60, earned her art degree and began pursuing her art passion in earnest. She rebuilt the family home on beautiful Flathead Lake and flourished in her lake home/art studio. Her companions were her pampered cats, who were also the subjects of her detailed colored pencil drawings. In 1990 a trip to Egypt kindled her imagination to write a children's book. Her cat Reba, the star of this story with her striking likeness to Egyptian cats, is beautifully depicted in her colored pencil illustrations. The book was written in 1991, but was never published. In her memory, we present to you 'Reba, The Cat With Egyptian Beginnings.'"

Softcover, perfect-bound, 32 pages.

Price: $15