The People Speak: Navajo Folk Art

by Chuck and Jan Rosenak

Copyright: 1994

This book is much more than an art book: it's a travel guide, a history of the western trading post, and a profile of Navajo customs and culture that reads like an adventure story.

The authors bring energy and enthusiasm to the field of contemporary folk expression that has rarely been surpassed. They make an important contribution in examining little-known creativity by self-taught Navajo artists from an aesthetic viewpoint, as art, not solely as material cultural artifacts.

With this book, the authors invite us to meet the folk artists of the Navajo Nation and, through many beautiful photographs, enjoy fine examples of the Navajo Art and a wealth of information about the ones creating the art. It also provides a helpful guide to visiting many of the trading posts that sell this unique art.

The authors are renowned collectors of American folk art. In 1983, they embarked on a ten-year journey through one of the last outposts of America's shrinking West - the Navajo Nation. In the oozing mud and flickering firelight of a Yeibichai dance, in a sun-dappled Sweetwater brush arbor, in the cool of a thick-walked adobe trading post, they found innovative folk art and the remarkable individuals behind that art.

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