Tim Musso: ATAVISMS - A Collection Of Woodcut Prints (2009-2019)

"The physical world is an astonishing place and one of the best ways to truly see and approach some sort of understanding of it is by traveling on foot--freed from the technological world.  This simple and ancient activity slows time and provides one with focus in the present moment and place.  The act of seeing, sensing and being is profoundly intense.  To fully engage with this intensity one has to respond in some fashion.  As a visual artist I respond by creating visual images." -Tim Musso, 2019

Tim Musso is an exhibiting artist in Below the Bark, on view October 1 2021 - February 26 2022.  

ATAVISMS: A Collection of Woodcut Prints 2009-2019 catalogues Musso's intricate woodcut prints, several of which are currently on view at MAM.

Price: $30