Art In Public Places

MAM coordinates Art in Public Places to make original contemporary art more accessible to western Montanans. In partnership with Missoula County, which owns about 200 works in the Missoula County Art Collection at MAM and provides valuable resources for the entire collection, MAM collaborates with city-county department heads to select artwork for display in public office spaces, such as reception areas and waiting rooms. The list below details what works are on view now. Open hours are typically Monday–Friday, 9 AM–5 PM.

To ensure the long-term safety of the art, MAM staff and trained volunteers and interns pack, deliver, and handle the artwork, and rotate loans annually. City-county employees provide security staffing and agree to abide by loan terms. Departments wishing to join the program can call the museum to set up a schedule for a site visit, artwork selection, and installation.

Now On View

City Clerk’s Office, City Hall, 435 Ryman St., 2nd Floor

Harold Balazs, Dogwood

Walter Hook, Purple Cross Clematis

City Council Chambers, 140 W. Pine St.

Harold Schlotzhauer, Classical Intrusion

Jay Rummel, Rain in the Face

City Development Services, City Hall, 435 Ryman St., 1st Floor

Molly Murphy Adams, Lenape Bandolier-Green

Sanaz Haghani, Enigmatic

Tressa Jones, Mountain Top, River Bottom

Jim Poor, Circle with Gestures

Italo Scanga, untitled book plate from Restoring/Repairing

Kyle Jenkins, Position Point

Human Resources, City Hall, 435 Ryman St., 2nd Floor

Lois Conner, Belknap Indian Reservation

Mayor’s Suite, City Hall, 435 Ryman St., 2nd Floor

George Gogas, Judith Basin Encounter: When Charlie and Pablo Optimistically Raced Toward the End of the Recession

Leslie Van Stavern Millar II, Mystery Bouquet

Cathy Weber, Apple Blossoms and Pansies

Vicki Whitehead, Lots of Pots

Missoula City-County Health Department, 301 W. Alder St.

Mai Lee, Flower Cloth

Shoua Lee, Flower Cloth

John Smart, Sheep on the Cooney Ranch, South of Harlowtown, Montana

Unknown Hmong, Flower Cloth and Cushion Cover

Sai Vue, Flower Cloth Cushion Cover

Jessie Wilber, BeaverTipi and Yellow Otter Tipi

Song Xiang, Flower Cloth

Mao Yang, Flower Cloth

Lulu Yee, The Girl Who Dreamt

Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Ode to Chief Seattle (Environmental Health, 2nd Floor)

Walter Piehl, Kathy's Cutter (Health Administration, 2nd Floor)

Missoula County Administration, 199 West Pine

Orville Chigbrow, Mirror, Mirror

Stan Healy, Missoula County Fair Entry Clerk

Edgar Paxson, Chief Charlot (Loan, Women’s Club of Missoula)

Edgar Paxson, In the Enemy's Country

E.S. Paxson, Head of Horseshoe Lake

Walter Piehl, Cold Water: Sweetheart of the Rodeo

Jay Rummel, Road to the Buffalo, from The Five Valleys Trilogy

Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Modern Times

Wendy Thon, The Gardens of Murillo

Clerk and Records Office, Missoula County Courthouse, 200 West Broadway, 1st Floor annex

On view until November 2022:

Sheila Miles, We Belong Together

John Hull, The Revolutionist

Freeman Butts, South of Bozeman

Freeman Butts, McIlhattons

Sheila Miles, House for Sale

Walter Hook, Purple Mountain on Logan Pass

Community and Planning Services, 127 E. Main St.

Coming soon!

Justice Court, Missoula County Courthouse, 200 West Broadway, 1st Floor Courtrooms & Offices

Coming soon!

Relationship Violence Services, 317 Woody Street

Mark Abrahamson, Milltown Dam (Montana Legacy Suite)

Marcia Ballowe, The Ocean's Spray

Siri Berg, It's all about Color II

Freeman Butts, Garden of the Gods

Susan Christie, Aspen

Claire Emery, Soft as Clouds (from A Road Runs Through It)

Claire Emery, Wildness: A Reminder (from A Road Runs Through It)

Stan Healy, Missoula County Fair: Girl with Photograph

Walter Hook, Osprey

Neil Parsons, Sun Dancer

Sherriff’s Office Interview Room, Missoula County Courthouse, 200 West Broadway, 2nd Floor annex

Freeman Butts, Westlake Silos

Tu Baixiong, Alley in the Fall #2

Tu Baixiong, Blackfoot River #2

Office of Emergency Management, Missoula County Courthouse, 200 West Broadway, Basement annex

Mark Abrahamson, Perch of the Devil (Montana Legacy Suite)

Mark Abrahamson, Clark Fork Restoration (Montana Legacy Suite)

Mark Abrahamson, Copperscoria (Montana Legacy Suite)

Mark Abrahamson, Primal Greed (Montana Legacy Suite)

Mark Abrahamson, Superfunded (Montana Legacy Suite)

on view through November 2022

Office of Housing and Community Development, 412 W. Alder

Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Sandhill South

Partnership Health Center, 401 West Railroad

Damian Charette, Strokes of Truth

Sheila Miles, Snake and Turtle

Marcus Uzilevsky, Flora Musica

John Well-Off-Man, George Watson, Sr.