The Missoula Public Library is one of the many places in downtown Missoula where you can find pieces from the MAM collection!

Art In Public Places

MAM coordinates Art in Public Places to make original contemporary art more accessible to western Montanans. In partnership with Missoula County, which owns about 200 works in the Missoula County Art Collection at MAM and provides valuable resources for the entire collection, MAM collaborates with city-county department heads to select artwork for display in public office spaces, such as reception areas and waiting rooms. The list below details what works are on view now. Open hours are typically Monday–Friday, 9 AM–5 PM.

To ensure the long-term safety of the art, MAM staff and trained volunteers and interns pack, deliver, and handle the artwork, and rotate loans annually. City-county employees provide security staffing and agree to abide by loan terms. Departments wishing to join the program can call the museum to set up a schedule for a site visit, artwork selection, and installation.

Now on view

Missoula Public Library

on view until April 2022

Sheila Miles, So Near, So Far

Harold Balazs, Yellow Azaleas

Miriam Shapiro, Anonymous Was A Woman III: Pineapple

Miriam Shapiro, Anonymous Was A Woman III: A Rose For Euclid

Neal Ambrose-Smith, Šey Lu Pn Sqwllu (Now That's A Coyote Story)

Corwin Clairmont, Indian Country Passage Denied

Joe Feddersen, Untitled

Lillian Pitt, Living With The Ancient Stories

Gail Tremblay, A Note To Lewis And Clark's Ghosts

Melanie Yazzie, Honoring Her

Partnership Health Clinic, 401 Railroad St. W.

on view until October 2022

Walter Hook, Blue Flowers

Sheila Miles, Symbiosis

Caleb Meyer, Missoula After the Rain

Peter Keefer, Barn

Missoula County Sherriff’s Dept., 200 W. Broadway

on view until November 2022

Freeman Butts, Westlake Silos

Tu Baixiong, Blackfoot River #2

Office of Emergency Management, 200 W. Broadway

on view until November 2022

Mark Abrahamson, Perch Of The Devil (Montana Legacy Suite)

Mark Abrahamson, Copperscoria (Montana Legacy Suite)

Mark Abrahamson, Superfunded (Montana Legacy Suite)

Mark Abrahamson, Primal Greed (Montana Legacy Suite)

Mark Abrahamson, Clark Fork Restoration (Montana Legacy Suite)

Clerk & Recorder’s Office, 200 W. Broadway

on view until November 2022

Sheila Miles, We Belong Together

Sheila Miles, House For Sale

Freeman Butts, Mcilhattons

Freeman Butts, South Of Bozeman

Walter Hook, Purple Mountain On Logan Pass

John Hull, The Revolutionist

Missoula County Community and Planning Services, 127 E. Main

on view until November 2022

Sheila Miles, The Good Life

City Council Chambers, 140 W. Pine St.

on view until December 2022

Harold Schlotzhauer, Classical Intrusion

Jay Rummel, Rain In The Face (The Thunder Dreamer)

City of Missoula – Clerk’s Office, 435 Ryman

on view until December 2022

Marc Vischer, Dark Pine Reservoir

Louise Lamontagne, See Things As They Are

City of Missoula – Mayor’s Office, 435 Ryman

on view until December 2022

Walter Hook, Purple Cross Clematis

Sheila Miles, Sweet Neighbors

Walter Hook, Metsajoki Rapids

Jan Rothermel, Victorian Garden

Walter Hook, Tree Limbs

Walter Hook, Seeley Lake

Sara Siestreem, For Children In Cold Climates

Walter Hook, Feed, Fuel, Gas

City of Missoula – Development Services, 435 Ryman

on view until January 2023

Peter Jemison, Snowball Shadows

Walter Hook, Horses In The Moonlight

Elizabeth Dilbeck, Butterfly Garden

Freeman Butts, Untitled

John Armstrong, Deer Isle

Jim Poor, Circle with Gestures

Larry Anderson, Electronic Rattlesnake Ride

Maxine Martell, Rick and His Honda

Maxine Martell, Duesenberg

Missoula City-County-Relationship Violence Services & Community Justice Dept., 317 Woody St

On view until February 2023

Marilyn Starr Colvert, Frogs have a way of turning into wonderful things

Marc Vischer, Hermitage Forest (Sunset)

Louis Archambault, Mexican Hay Lake

Kathleen Reilly Beausoleil, Cayuse Ridge

Lee Morrison, Smokejumpers Station

Leslie Van Stavern Millar II, An Ideal Girl and Her Sister Visit the Missoula Art Museum

Stephanie Frostad, Refuge

Ernie Pepion, Race with the Past

Aden Arnold, Swerves

Robert Yoder, Bell Center

Missoula City-County Health Department, 301 W. Alder St.

On view through March 2023

Willem Volkersz, World Bank - Two Views

Willem Volkersz, Globes #2

Willem Volkersz, Two Teapots

Leslie Van Stavern Millar II, Untitled

Dwight Billedeaux, Lewis and Clark Back to the Earth

Damian Charette, Strokes of Truth

Molly Murphy Adams, Market Imperialism

Ramon Murillo, Dancing on the Lewis and Clark Trail

Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, I See Red


Missoula County Courthouse Annex, Sophie Moeise Room, 199 W. Pine

On view until March 2023

Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Indian Heart

Corwin Clairmont, 10,000 Years Indigenous Indian People / 200 Years Lewis & Clark (Lewis & Clark Series #6)

Missoula County - County Commissioner's Offices, 199 W. Pine

Jay Rummel, When First Unto This Country

Stephanie Frostad, Snow Angels

Gordon McConnell, Gray Rider

Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Winds of Change

Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Horse Sense

Damian Charette, Sacred Horses

Tu Baixiong, Untitled

Jeneese Hilton, Turtle

Norman Lundin, Homage to V. H.

Orville Chigbow, Mirror Mirror

James Conaway, Untitled - Landscape