Slow Art Day 2022

April 2

Did you know that the average person spends about 27 seconds looking at a piece of art in a museum?

Slow Art Day is a global event with a simple mission: inviting everyone to spend ten minutes with a piece of art. It’s based on the radical concept that you don’t need an expert or “expertise” to tell you what you see and feel when looking at art.

We invite you to the museum this Saturday for Slow Art Day to spend time—really spend some quality time—with the art on view. In a world that constantly asks you to maximize, accelerate, and multi-task, slowing down is can be a revolutionary act. Stop by MAM (we’re always free!) this Saturday, or any day, to find yourself in front of your next favorite artwork.

Here are some helpful tips:

- Set the timer on your phone to be sure you are looking for three to five minutes.

- Use a stool or bench to sit and relax.

- Take a few deep breaths before you begin.

- Allow yourself to notice and wonder about the work – don’t rush to interpretation.

- Pay attention to the internal dialogue between you and the work of art.

- Suspend your judgment.

- Think of the work of art as being time-based, as if you were listening to a piece of music. Let the work unfold over the period of time you are with it.

- Think of the piece of art as a new person you are getting acquainted with.

- Notice what feelings and memories are evoked.

- Give the piece your full attention and allow yourself to lose track of time. 

MAM staff would love to hear about your experience! Post on Instagram and tag us @missoulaartmuseum using the hashtag #slowartday. 

You are also welcome to watch the video below and follow along with this worksheet: