Veterans Day Storytelling

November 10

6 pm - 7 pm

Free and open to the public!


Have you ever found an old letter your dad wrote your mom when he was stationed overseas? Did you inherit a journal or a diary from a grandparent who served in the military? Come share stories that touched your heart on the eve of Veterans Day, November 10, from 6-7 PM. We will honor veterans in conjunction with artist Marilyn Lysohir’s exhibition The Dark Side of Dazzle.

Lysohir created a 24- foot-long, two-ton replica of a World War era battleship made of ceramic and wood to remember and honor the service of both her mother and father. The Dark Side of Dazzle explores the profound effects war has on spouses and families at home, as well as those in conflict. In the exhibition, visitors are welcome to sit and listen to, or read, first-hand stories Lysohir gathered from veterans of World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam. In honor of Lysohir’s exploration of oral history, visitors are asked to gather and share memories or excerpts from letters of their veteran family members or experiences in times of war.