Photo: Walter Hook, detail of August, watercolor, c. 1959, MAM Collection, gift of Margery Evert Hoppin and Robert N. Evert in memory of John and Nora Evert, copyright the artist, 2008.02.

A Few Of My Favorite Things: Selections From The MAM Collection

October 2 2015 - December 23 2015

A Few of My Favorite Things is an exhibition selected by MAM’s Senior Exhibition Curator Emeritus Stephen Glueckert. Glueckert selected 12 seldom-seen works from the MAM Collection, which will be accompanied by some brief text describing why each work has become a favorite of his. Glueckert states, “This was a difficult if not impossible task since I have so many favorites. All that I can say is that these were my favorites at the moment they were selected, for I found myself overwhelmed and changing my exhibit list by the moment. My selections were like shifting sand. We are fortunate to have so many gifted artists living here, and I wish I had been able to include all of them. I think this small exhibition offers a taste of the passion fruit that is the MAM Collection.”

This eclectic approach might not provide the most cohesive exhibition, yet it does reflect the deep and lasting relationships that an institution develops with the community of artists that it serves. It also gives insight into the MAM Collection and its emerging contemporary regional aesthetic. All of the work was accessioned into the collection while Glueckert was serving as MAM’s Exhibition Curator.

Among the works included in the exhibit were the following:

Stephanie J. Frostad, Snow Angels

Rudy Autio, Bowl with Square Foot