Archie Bray Artists From The MAM Collection

June 12 2007 - February 14 2008

The Archie Bray Foundation in Helena, Montana was founded as an artist residency program in 1949. Though he opened a brick foundry, owner Archie Bray has an interest and compassion for potters and pottery. More than 50 years later, "the Bray," as it is called, has had a profound impact in the region and indeed nationally. The first two artist-residents were Peter Voulkos and Rudy Autio. The foundry in Helena served as a foundation for their journey, which was to thrust them to the forefront of the crafts-as-art movement and help establish in the artworld psyche the idea that ceramic artists should no longer be thought of as more production potters cranking out utilitarian vessels.

In its colorful history, many others served in the institution and sought through sheer sweat and blood to ensure the institution’s survival. Branson Steven son and Maxine Blackmer, both artists and educators, served on the Archie Bray Board of Directors, as Bobby Silverman does today. Kurt Weiser and David Shaner were both Resident Directors. While this intimate library exhibition is far from definitive in scope, it is a reminder of the Bray's cultural impact on the arts in Montana.

All works featured as part of the MAM collection. The exhibit includes two installments of work by:

Rudy Autio

Maxine Blackmer

David Shaner

Bobby Silverman

Branson Stevenson

Peter Voulkos

Kurt Weiser