Photo: Claire Emery, detail of Primordial Pickaxe: Restoring the Wild, wood engraving, copyright the artist.

Claire Emery: A Road Runs Through It

June 26 2010 - October 31 2010

MAM is proud to display six wood engravings by Missoula artist Claire Emery that capture the civic spirit of our community. The limited collector s edition of A Road Runs Through It is a special project of Wildlands CPR, a national conservation group that works to prevent off-road vehicle abuse of public lands and promotes watershed restoration through road removal.

The set includes a leather-bound, numbered copy of the collection of essays A Road Runs Through It: Reviving Wild Places, signed by all 26 living contributors, and the set of six signed and numbered wood engravings by Emery. Supporters of MAM and Wildlands CPR raised the money to purchase and donate the book and prints to MAM's Permanent Collections.

A limited number of other Collector's Editions of A Road Runs Through It are available for purchase from Wildlands CPR. For more information, contact Thomas Reed Petersen.

The following prints by Claire Emery were included in the exhibition:

Primordial Pick Axe: Restoring the Wild

Soft as Clouds

Some Connections Remain

Mudbogging & Joyriding

More than Numbers

Wilderness: A Reminder