Corwin Clairmont: Yellowstone Pipeline Series Revisited And New Works

December 18 2007 - March 1 2008

The Missoula Art Museum is proud to feature the Yellowstone Pipeline Series, a series of 14 color monotypes created by Corwin Clairmont in 1995. Clairmont's work is intimately tied to his personal history of growing up in the Salish and Kootenai cultures. The monotypes relate to the Yellowstone Pipeline oil trucks that traveled within the borders of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Reservation. Through the use of photography and abstract imagery, Clairmont reflects on the potential environmental hazards and the loss of life due to the pipeline. The series was accessioned into the Missoula Art Museum Collection in 1998 through the generous support of the Meadowlark Foundation. In addition to the series from the MAM Collection, recent works from Clairmont will augment the exhibition.

Among the works included in the exhibit were the following:

Corwin Clairmont, Yellowstone Pipe Line Series #4