Deep Play: Joyful Revelry And Subversive Whimsy In The MAM Collections

December 4 2007 - March 22 2008

Deep Play is a survey of twenty-nine artworks from MAM's permanent collections that explore symbols and strategies of play. Guided by naturalist Diane Ackerman's theory that humans seek out play's risk and ritual to attain creative insight and transcend the bounds of the real world, the exhibition features work that is alternately colorful and exuberant or dark and defiant. Through photographs, prints, paintings, sculptures, and moving images, MAM invites viewers to follow more than twenty artists, including Joe Batt, Stephanie Frostad, Walter Hook, Lorna Simpson, John Smart, and Patricia Thornton, on their daring quest for joy.

Read more about the exhibition's themes and see more images of work included in the exhibition in a short essay by Jennifer Reifsneider, MAM's Registrar and Curator of Collections.

Among the works included in the exhibit were the following:

Syliva Long, Rock Climbing

Stephanie J. Frostad, Snow Angels

Brad Rude, Beyond Opposites

Susan Barnes, Frank's Corner

Marvin Messing, The Game

Jessie Wilber, Family Album

Dirk E. Lee, Ichiro Suzuki Walks to Work

Leslie Van Stavern Millar II, Home Run

Patricia Thornton, Teddy

James G. Todd Jr., Jose Posada and Friends

Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Coyote Paper Dolls

Paul Harris, The Lawn Party ( The Shut-in Suite IV )

Sheila Miles, Dance with Death

Sheila Miles, A Seemingly Bucolic Existence

Walter Hook, Phase B Has More

Stan Healy, Blackface Dancers

Stan Healy, Freedom Crusade

Stan Healy, Horse Costume

Stan Healy, Shriner's Parade

Lucy Capehart, Tin Man

Jason Elliott Clark, The New Traditional Money Maker