Photo: Jerry Rankin, detail of November, graphite drawing, 2002, MAM Collection, 2003.02.07, copyright the artist.

Drawings From The MAM Collections By Painters And Sculptors

July 10 2010 - October 20 2010

Drawing has always been an important foundation for artists, partly as a springboard for planning, and sometimes as an end in itself. This selection of drawings from the MAM Collections includes works from artists Nancy Erickson, Robert Katz, Peter Kurinski, Sheila Miles, Jerry Rankin, Branson Stevenson, Bill Stockton, and Theodore Waddell.

While these artists are not all known exclusively as painters, all have painted and drawing has provided them an avenue for creative expression. For artists, drawing can be preparatory, or simply an exercise training one in a particular way of seeing. It can be an obsessive ritual, while others see it as a matter of simply collecting an observational record. MAM is happy to exhibit this collection of drawings, as a way of showcasing the wide variety of approaches by artists in the MAM Collections.

Among the works included in the exhibit were the following:

Theodore Waddell, Deer Creek Horses Drawing #24

Jerry Rankin November