For The Good Of All Things

January 22 2024 - April 6 2024

MAM is celebrating the wealth of artists from a variety of Tribal backgrounds and mixed Tribal affiliations who are living in communities across Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribal (CSKT) lands. Elder participating artists Corwin Clairmont and Linda King (both CSKT), along with Marie Torosian, program director at the Three Chiefs Culture Center, are helping MAM reach artists who have not previously exhibited at the museum. 

The title honors artists in the exhibition who continually work hard to make good artwork. A respected Ql̓ispé (Kalispel) Elder and Culture Bearer, Pete Beaverhead said:“Kʷmiʔn̓e tʔe pistem̓kʷx̣ssmill̓šesyaʔɫu a scnq̓eʔels —ɫu kʷnq̓aq̓ʔels ɫu x̣ʷl̓č̓x̣est.” (I really hope that someday things will turn out right for you in all the work you are given and taking on—you who are working hard at what you are good at for the good of all things.)

The exhibition will be installed in the Lynda Frost Gallery, which has been dedicated for the last 17 years to promoting and featuring contemporary Native artists, artwork, and voices.

Image: Tailyr Irvine, "Powwow Season," 2021, photograph, copyright the artist: Cecilia Spencer, 13, created her outfit with her mother. She said the gold color felt like sunshine and the floral over her heart honored her grandmother.