Photo: Installation view of For the Love of MAM

For The Love Of MAM

January 12 2021 - February 20 2021

Collection Gifts 2015–2020

For the Love of MAM: Collection Gifts 20152020 represents five years of generous support of the MAM Collection during the 40 Forward Capital Campaign. This small sampling of artworks is constrained only by the gallery space, not our hearts! We are so grateful to all the generous donors who have helped enrich the MAM Collection!


Nancy* and Ron Erickson

Estate of Terence Karson ‡

Estate of David Moomey

Willem & Diane Volkersz *


Anne Appleby

Arne Autio

Tracy Blakeslee

Katherine Markette

J. Scott Patnode

Nancy Cook & Tom Berninghausen ‡


Jill Brody

Tracy Cosgrove ▲

Joe Feddersen

John Fletcher & Margaret Kingsland

Sue Horn Caskey

Laura Millin & Craig Menteer

Harold Schlotzhauer & Mary Ann Kelly

Linda Stoudt & Stuart Borbridge


Chris Autio* & Aprille Hammond

Tom Browder

Kate Hunt

Molly Murphy Adams*

Starr Taber

Cathy Weber* & Tim Speyer

Sukha Worob 


GB Carson

Juliette Dechamps Donlan

Larry Eick

Steve & Beverly Beck Glueckert*

Carol L. H. & John W. Green

Ron Perrin

PROP Foundation

David J. Spear

Mary Stranahan


Jessica Baldwin

Jean Belangie-Nye & Mike Nile

MaryAnn Bonjorni*

Nora Bryan*

Jim and Logan Hansen

Margaret F. Johnson

Shannon King

Andrea Moon & Dryden Wells*

Beth Sellars

Larry Thomas

James Todd*

Blair Williams


Ms. Johnna F. Cashill

Mark Heyka & Kevin Hilton

Miriam Morgan

Business Donors



Key: ‡ Donors to MAM’s Endowment * Auction Artists

▲ Sustaining Donors † Deceased 

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