Photo: Detail of Evanescent (glue, string), copyright the artist.

Gerri Sayler: Evanescent

October 5 2012 - January 31 2013

The installation Evanescent in the Travel Montana Lobby in the Andrew Precht Addition of the MAM was created by Moscow, Idaho artist Gerri Sayler. Sayler created the site-specific work in response to her study, exploration, and understanding of Glacial Lake Missoula. Appropriately, the title Evanescent is defined as, “Ephemeral or transitory, likely to vanish quickly like vapor,” and expresses exactly the essence of the installation.

Sayler designed the work specifically for MAM and speaks of the inspiration. “At play was an impulse to create an installation evocative of trickling water and crystalizing ice. Conceptually, I hoped to allude to the fluidity as a metaphor for time – the barely perceptible moments, intermingling like water and ice as they seep, melt, and flow into the interstices of our lives”.

To that end, Sayler has constructed, assembled, and suspended fused hot glue and monofilament strands. Each strand is suspended throughout the MAM lobby from a structure high above, evoking water, ice, and a sense of cascading. Because of the sheer length of the strands, one next to another, the installation is kinetic in nature. The slight and subtle movements of each strand will present the viewer with an ever-changing experience with no two moments to be experienced in an identical way.

Sayler will be here for a fall residency and available for interaction with community members during the installation of the work. Her residency will occur the week prior to the opening and culminate with a reception and artist talk. A video documenting the installation with an artist interview will accompany the exhibition.

The residency, brochure, and video are supported through the generosity of the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation. Installation structural support generously provided by Reineking Construction Co.

<p>Installation view of <span class="">Evanescent, photo courtesy of MAM.</span></p>

Installation view of Evanescent, photo courtesy of MAM.