Kerri Rosenstein

June 5 2009 - August 30 2009

Kerri Rosenstein's first major museum exhibition emphasizes the contemplative nature of her multifaceted approach to art-making. Rosenstein has honed a thoughtful style that employs a wide range of materials, including traditional, natural, and found matter — her choice of media is as significant as the content in each work. Her keen ability to combine multiple disciplines and reduce the outcome to its elemental parts creates empathy between the work and the viewer. 

 Themes of impermanence and transformation pervade Rosenstein's work and are evident in the MAM exhibition, simply titled kerri rosenstein. A substantial portion of the exhibition involves a large-scale sculptural installation made up of stones that the artist has gathered and hand-painted. The piece, entitled father, speaks to the Missoula artist's process and her interest in the universal and cyclic nature of things; each visitor will be invited to take one rose-stone with them to leave out in the world, redistributing the piece back into the environment.