Photo: Peter Keefer, detail of S. Freud, collage and drawing on Stonehenge grey, 2010, copyright the artist.

Peter Keefer: Images Of The Great War

May 28 2010 - September 19 2010

Missoula artist Peter Keefer has been working on the series since 1981. Inspired by historical events, these contemporary, expressive works are collage drawings intended to represent the actions of the political and military participants most involved in "The Great War" of 1914–1918. Keefer states, "We all seem to be against war, but it still keeps happening." The artist identified some of the most important individuals that contributed to the chaos that was World War I then created a series of larger drawings about these personalities and smaller works that reference the individual battles of the war.

The collages include photography, ink on Mylar, or a section of oil on canvas mounted on larger paper and drawn around with the subject's (so-called) accomplishments in mind. The drawings are oil pastel and pencil wash.