Photo: Jill Brody, detail of Greg Matteson, inkjet print, 2008, MAM Collection, gift of the artist, copyright the artist, 2009.05.02

Selections From The MAM Collection: Jill Brody And Lucy Capehart

March 9 2011 - June 26 2011

MAM is proud to show images by talented photographers Jill Brody and Lucy Capehart. These two intimate bodies of work display interesting juxtapositions between color and black and white, interior and exterior, wide open and intimate.

Brody, who over the last twenty years has documented people and communities in Rhode Island and China, spent extended time in this series with the community of Chester, Montana. She also has captured the community of Drummond, Montana in her book Drummond: Ranch Life in the West.

Capehart's large color studies of domestic interiors and the American cultural landscape have been widely exhibited and published in periodicals such as the New York Times Magazine, Oxford American, and Architecture. Both series show each artist's eye for skillful composition, masterful instinct for capturing compelling imagery, and love of the camera.

Among the works included in the exhibit were the following:

Lucy Capehart, Tin Man