Photo: Pamela Caughey, Ubiquitous, etched glass panels and Baltic birch, 2014, courtesy of the artist, copyright the artist.

Ubiquitous: Migration Of Pathogens

August 1 2014 - December 24 2014

Although a recent graduate of The University of Montana with an MFA in Drawing, Pamela Caughey has never strayed far from her background and training as a biochemist. This remarkable exhibition is inspired by tracking the routes that pathogens take as they travel throughout the world. Caughey has been concerned with global influences that we contemplate as inescapable. This is a recurring theme in her work and she sees the end result in her efforts to encourage dialogue and problem solving. The focus of Migration of Pathogens is a large-scale triptych of etched glass. The exhibition will provide significant educational fodder for educational tours.

Caughey takes advantage of the natural abstraction that exists when we choose to control our point of view. By taking a micro look at organisms and enlarging that view, Caughey reveals what seems like new visions and ideas; abstraction is indeed realism. The exhibition will include enlarged imagery of pathogens and microorganisms. Made for MAM’s gallery, these larger images are in fact natural views that are perfect to be shared in a museum setting. The exhibition encourages the viewer to contemplate the journeys these organisms travel in our own community and worldwide.

This exhibition was sponsored by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation and Community Medical Center.