Edgar Smith, Butte vs. the Grand Canyon, oil on panel, 2008, each panel, 11x11”. MAM Collection, Bequest of David Moomey, 2019.03.11.

David Moomey Bequest

In spring 2019, MAM received a bequest of 11 artworks representing Missoula artists Brad Allen, Monte Dolack, George Gogas, Walter Hook, and Kendahl Jan Jubb, Stephen Braun, and Edgar Smith. The generous gift came from David Moomey (1959–2018), who, in the last eight years of his life, was a dedicated member of the MAM Board of Directors and Collection Committee. While he was chairing the Collection Committee, he also assisted MAM with a full inventory of the collection – nearly 2,000 works at that time. He saw the complex challenge of maintaining an art collection in perpetuity and also bequeathed financial support for collection care.

David filled his home with artwork that reminded him of special places, friendships, and community connections. For example, he had several works depicting Glacier National Park and remote areas where he loved to hike and spot grizzly bears. Advocacy was also an important part of David’s personality, and his collection reflected a network of relationships that form a community. Several of the works were purchased at benefit auctions supporting MAM, the Missoula Humane Society, which David also served as a board member, and social justice causes. MAM is grateful to have been a part of David’s circle. 

David Moomey on his last trip to MAM to view <span class="italic">Cathy Weber: Overstory/Understory</span>, September 2018.
David Moomey on his last trip to MAM to view Cathy Weber: Overstory/Understory, September 2018.