Indian Country Conversations, summer 2019, photo courtesy of MAM

Indian Country Conversations

MAM's Indian Country Conversations program started in 2018, sponsored by the Cultural Vision Fund and the Llewellyn Foundation. Held in MAM’s Lynda Frost Contemporary American Indian Art Gallery, these discussions aim to provide a platform for research, innovation, and traditional knowledge by Indigenous artists, scholars, researchers, and advocates. Indigenous and non-Indigenous speakers are invited to converse in dialogues specific to particular issues or themes addressed in current exhibitions at MAM. These discussions provide cultural exchange to bolster understanding and break down stereotypes—through visual art—of Indigenous people. MAM holds strong relationships with Tribal artists, leaders, community members, and organizations, particularly on the Flathead Reservation and at Salish Kootenai College, the All Nations Health Center, and in the University of Montana's Department of Native American Studies.

“It encouraged a thoughtful exchange of ideas and experiences in a safe/welcoming environment. Conversation is always a good format, and art is a wonderful starting point.” —ICC Participant

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