Chasing Time

by Keith Graham & Neil Chaput de Saintonge

Pages: 276

Copyright: 2016

In the 2013-2014 school year, Montana had 68 active one-room schools, the most of any state. That year, University of Montana professor Keith Graham and Missoula photographer Neil Chaput de Saintonge visited 26 of these far-flung outposts of public education. Traveling more than 12,000 miles in all seasons, they encountered dedicated teachers and eager students, and they discovered that Montana's one-room schools fostered creative teaching, in-depth learning, and close bonds between teachers and students. Whether the school had one student or a dozen, the schools also served as important focal points for isolated communities. With 240 vibrant color photographs and engaging writing, their book, Chasing Time: Last of the Active One-Room Schools in Montana, is an unforgettable portrait of these important cultural icons and their place in the modern world.

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