Polemic Voices


by MAM

Copyright: 2003

A selection of artwork from the Art Museum Collections explores ways in which visual artists confront volatile issues. Twenty-five paintings, drawings, prints, and sculptures show a continuation of a centuries-old tradition that visual language to voice specific messages. The expressions are alternately subtle or brash, satirical or respectful and capable of subverting or sanctioning a particular view. Several issues recur the environment, social identity, and the influence and symbols of government. The installation includes a timeline of artistic, social, and political events that reveal the culture in which the artworks were made. Events sponsored by LAW Family Foundation include a slide discussion with Marvin Messing and Kate Hunt a found object postcard workshop for children and families with Hunt and reception. Card and brochure (with contribution from former Montana State Senator Pat Williams) published. 

Artists: Mark Abrahamson, Russell Chatham, Judy Chicago, Corwin Clairmont, George Gogas, John Hooton, Kate Hunt, Kevin Lineback, Marvin Messing, Sheila Miles, Leslie Van Stavern Millar II, Richard Mock, Kioko Mwitiki, Neil Parsons, John Noel Reifel Karen Rice, Greg Siple, Jaune Quick-to-See Smith, Jim Todd.

Price: $1