Shimmer: Sherry Markovitz


by Chris Bruce

Hardcover, 120 pages.

This book brings together forty-two works spanning nearly three decades of Seattle artist Sherry Markovitz's remarkable development. It traces the evolution of her work from the obsessively beaded and extravagantly patterned taxidermy heads to the more subdued and haunting figurative paintings and doll sculptures. The work is intensely alive and transformative, its sources rooted in personal experience set in conversation with diverse cultural paradigms. Throughout more than a quarter-century of work, Markovitz has shown a remarkable consistency of vision, intensity of focus, and absolute acceptance of beauty, which she extends regularly to opulence. Through highly informative and engaging essays by Chris Bruce and Josine Ianco-Starrels as well as the artist's own commentaries, Sherry Markovitz: Shimmer provides the defining statement on this unique artist and her captivating work. Chris Bruce is director of the Museum of Art, Washington State University, Pullman. Josine Ianco-Starrels is the curator at the Schneider Museum of Art, Southern Oregon University, Ashland.

Price: $30