The National Museum Of Anthropology, Mexico: David Thomas (Broadside Print)

What is a Broadside Print?

For centuries now, broadsides have been one of the most popular printed formats and disseminators of information in European and American culture. Printed on single, one-sided sheets of paper, broadsides were used to inform the public about current events and public decrees, publicize official proclamations and government decisions, announce public meetings, advocate political and social causes, advertise commercial and private products and services, and celebrate popular literary and musical efforts. Widely distributed and designed to have an immediate impact on the observer, the often richly illustrated broadsides were posted on buildings or handed out to the general population.

Printed by Peter Koch with Hormone Derange Editions, 1995.

Poem by David Thomas.

Size: 8"x26"

Text Reads:

"In rooms of glass (high walls) skulls ribs vertebrae leg bones arm bones finger bones gut feelings humming jungles and barren plateaus pyramids tower in bone-like dignity clustered in dead cities they grow a flesh of ferns and vines their secrets mumble like deaf dogs begging tourist eyes for a bone bones, bones, pots and bones-- how many bones can turn your mind? men with shiny buttons and shoes walk around all day guns on their hips protecting the dead ALL these things! these big stone faces fading in agony swollen heads like deformed children carved out of time Who did this? outside these rooms a roar of fossil fuel and people with skin the color of volcanos and eyes that see thru dreams they are shining my boots and wearing sandals.
d. thomas, 17 dec 74, mexico city
revised: 22 may 75, 16 sept 92"

Price: $100