Embodied Engagement: For The Record (Photographs By Kristi Hager)

April 15

Start Time: 12:00 PM
End Time: 12:30 PM

Embodied Engagement: Art and Wellness in MAM’s Galleries.

Featured Exhibition: For The Record: Photographing Montana’s Historic Bridges, Powerhouses, And Missile Sites, Inside And Out (Photographs by Kristi Hager)

This month's Embodied Engagement engages with Kristi Hager’s photographs to explore personal connections with SPACE. For Kate Crouch, Kristi Hager's photos explore an intersection between loss and possibility. In our Embodied Engagement session this Saturday, Kate will guide a practice for creating space. Space to let go from tension and invite in new possibilities. Expect some simple movements and a breath-centered meditation.

Join Kate Crouch for 30 minutes of art and wellness at MAM.

Image: Kristi Hager, detail of Antelope Coulee, near Vaughn, archival digital print from scanned 4x5 negative, Courtesy Montana Department of Transportation.