Photo: DG House, detail of Heart's Desire, 2022, mixed media on panels, courtesy the artist.

DG House: In That Still Moment

January 13 2023 - March 31 2023

To create this body of work, artist DG House (Cherokee of Northeast Alabama) draws on her numerous experiences as resident artist in both Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks. House has had the honor of being an artist-in-residence in Yellowstone National Park for the past 17 years, and part of the Guest American Indian Artist Program for Grand Teton National Park for 27 years. In addition, she has been documenting the wildlife, local environment, and local histories in the park system as a freelance photographer in Yellowstone since 1981.

House’s paintings are characterized by a vivid palette and approachable subject matter. However, House explains, "As an Indigenous creative, I’ve made it my job to produce art that represents the wildlife and people who don’t often have a voice in our society. I spend a large part of my time with wildlife in the wildlands. Inspiration is everywhere in my world. . . As a Native artist, I believe I have my personal ancestors and all people who came before in my workspace with me. My heart beats a little faster every time I walk through the door of my studio. I never take my career and opportunities to make art for granted.”

House's work is an historical and environmental account of the vast, intricate Greater Yellowstone ecosystem and she has amassed a wealth of local geologic and biological knowledge that inform her paintings. Each painting comes from a specific experience House had during her time in the parks. She says, "After 27 years as a painter, I’ve never run out of ideas. Each piece I create is based on a real-life encounter with perhaps a grizzly walking on a trail, a wolf hunting in a valley, or a moose feeding in the river. Whatever the interaction, each painting is a story."

Her process includes applying multiple layers of oil and acrylic paints, pastels, and colored pencils. The perimeters of her paintings are lined with her trademark geometric patterns drawn from bead and quillwork.

This exhibition is organized by Support Local Artists and Musicians, Bozeman, and travels through the Montana Art Gallery Directors Association. The artwork in the exhibition was created with American Rescue Plan funds, generously provided by the Montana Arts Council.

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